Time Lapse


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Nice video, Steve!

I was surprised it worked for pines in the other video. It wouldn't work for doug-fir over targets as it would snap off too many branches.

That's so cool. Soon there won't be many climbers left !
No way you won't have climbers. Even drones with lasers won't work in wind, and it will need to be raining to put out the fire.

My specialty is hard to access trees that require a competent climber.


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Seems like Facebook sharing of that video (or whatever) would get it some viewing mileage.

I'm Facebook illiterate, FTR.

Seems like getting known outside your immediate area is what will help for a storm. If somebody 100 miles away has been seeing your stuff, and will pay for travel portal to portal, its a win on a job that you don't want a climber around.

Steve Connally

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I stay pretty active on social media and have contacts all over the east coast. I think if a storm came through I could easily get an invite. lots of sharing of videos goin on now days