throwing a large asah top over a maple


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Videos are tough to show it but I've seen that work and fail. Looks like it went how you wanted to. Great video
How far did that top travel?
Was your notch made with 4 or 5 kerfs of the saw instead of a 2 cut notch?
Seems to me the kerf cuts would make a taller hinge (more flex and hold) and not launch the top as well as a narrow narrow trad face cut?
Maybe with the dead ash you needed it to hold on a bit?


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I forgot to measure it for the video. Next day went back and walked off 19' from the divot to the stump.... I don't put a deep face on to throw a top, as I think that the more forward the hinge, the more forward the top has to travel before separation. Just a theory though, but it seems to work .... Any humboldt around 15-20 degrees will generally be the sweet spot... On this one the original cut was a little narrow, so i widened it with a second bottom cut to widen it out a bit... Meaning it was a bit sloppy, but worked well eventually. Left the hinge a little thick so I could exit without concern that the top would go with a gust of wind... A thick hinge can stall the top on the hinge, which will shorten the throw, but in the case of dead ash, and that much top leaning out 15-20 degrees before the notch closed, even a hinge that big didn't slow the top down much .... if that all makes sense...


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That's the thing about tree work.. it always keeps you on your toes... there is always room for improvement and it's fun using a little creativity to find the fastest, easiest and safest way to accomplish a mission... After 35 years I still love it!