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Haha, what a winner. Can't even find their own name and have to steel both. In a way you should feel proud. Im sure they went oonthe internet with the intentions of steeling someone's name and logo and they chose you! You are the lucky winner!
And just for fun I am going to message them on good ol' facebook


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Be careful. I got a call from my bank and there were attempts to have paychecks cashed and drawn from MY account. Same company name as mine and only 100 miles away. Another time I had a phone call from a very irritated lady that my crew had damaged their lawn and had left wood chips all over the place working for her neighbor. She said they were my trucks employees because my company name was on the trucks. I told here I lived 100 miles away and was the sole employee of my company. She finally calmed down after I supplied her the phone number of the other company. I had that number on hand from the paycheck incident.

I tend to remember this kind of stuff.


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I had written words with the guy and his un-professionalism was quite enjoyable. Apparently he came up with the name and paid someone to draw up a logo and that person is the one who stole the logo. I don't buy it but oh well. He supposedly talked with Tom but only he can confirm that. The fella says he will change the logo but is keeping the name.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
@tc262 You could start with calling his bluff and escalate

Contact him and let him know that you're contacting the Attorney Generals office in both states to let their attorneys/regulators bring charges against him for theft. Give him some reasonable time to comply then make the call to the AG

Do you have your logo copyrighted or protected?

If not and you've been using it for some length of time it's yours. It's just a bit more complicated to make your point


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I contacted him and he took down the logo but says he wants to keep the name. I told him if he doesn’t change it my lawyer will be sending a law suit his way.
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I’m not copywrited but I looked into and started filling out paperwork for it a few years ago but never completed it.


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Love the fact he is from Carolina and did not notice the Wisconsin background, idiot.

Every year I see more and more variations of my business name, some even exactly the same. I've never contacted them, but it does bug me. Especially since it isn't hard to do a little research (like I did) when picking a name. Most of them are in other states, but a couple here in PA. Since I have a better online presence then most of them, we get "customers" calling us from FL etc every once and a while.

Never seen someone swipe my logo yet though.

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What a scrub. He claimed you were cool with him keeping the name as long as he didn't use the logo. Hope it doesn't cost you anything in the long run mam
So someoneone in another state isn’t allowed to have the same name as u? It’s pretty common to google a company and have several come up from across the country. I’m pretty sure there’s an “out on a limb tree service” in every state