The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition


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Good morning everybody! I'm super excited to tell you about my newest project, The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition by G.F. Beranek.

This is the book that started it all for me. I remember in my first term of apprenticeship school, the Vermeer dealer stopped in to take orders for climbing gear. This book is what I ordered. Everyone else was getting ropes and saddles. When the order finally came in, I can just remember the other guys looking over and rolling their eyes, like to say, who orders a book?… this guy, that’s who!

Jerry Beranek worked for 18 years to produce this incredible resource, taking the time to pass on his immense knowledge to future generations of arborists and timber fallers. In 1996 the book debuted at the Tree Care Industry Trade Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. 20 years later, 2016, it went out of print. In that 20 years the book has sold nearly 25,000 copies.

Filled with over 200 photographs and illustrations, ‘The Fundamentals’ is the most comprehensive reference work in our field. Jerry Beranek’s epic achievement in 500+ pages is undeniable proof that good books are worth their weight in gold. There simply is no more-complete reference work on tree climbing, cutting, rigging, and falling available! Sadly, his book went out of print in 2016. Physical copies are hard to come by these days – and very expensive. Enter…..The Digital Edition!

Presented on EducatedClimber in PDF format, ‘The Fundamentals of General Tree Work – Digital Edition’ is perfect for viewing on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, including the Kindle. Professionally scanned and processed with optical character recognition software, the Digital Edition looks amazing and is fully searchable. If you’ve been waiting to find a copy of ‘The Fundamentals’, wait no more!

This was a big project for me, I've been working on it since May of this year. I'm super stoked for how it turned out! If you have a chance, check out 'The Fundamentals' on my site:

The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition

All the best,

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Wow! What an undertaking

When I was at the Kansas Arborist Association I shared an elevator ride at the National Arbor Day farm with a fella. We chatted and he said that he'd written a little book about Tree work

Of course, Jerry in his humblest!

I bought mine and had Jerry sign it

Let's hope that many digital copies are sold...oh...and read


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That's an awesome story Tom!

When I heard that The Fundamentals was out of print, I was heartbroken. This is the book that started it all for me. I contacted Jerry B. back in April or May of this year, with the intention of bringing it back. I just couldn't imagine his life's work fading away, unavailable to the younger generations.

Jerry donated a couple copies to me (mine is all full of notes, underlines, asterisks, exclamation get the picture). I needed a fresh copy for this project, plus I figured I should have a backup, just in case. I asked him to sign the one that would be scanned, so that every new copy going forward would be signed by the author! (He ended up signing both copies, the signed "backup" is now my prized possession!)

The Digital Edition keeps Jerry's book alive indefinitely, I'm very proud of it. Thank you to everyone on Treebuzz for helping to get the word out there......'The Fundamentals' is back!

- Patrick


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I just bought an "out-of-print" hard copy !
I just prefer reading hard copy; plus I can make notes, etc.

I may order the e-copy, just to support the effort !


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I prefer hard copy as well, but Jerry just doesn't want to take on the enormous task of doing a reprint so we came up with this as a compromise. I have been very surprised since this came out to hear many people say that they actually prefer digital books! Less than 5 days up and we've sold almost 60 copies!
Bought and downloades it two days ago, done skimming it. Will read it slowly and give it the attention it deserves. Thx for making it possible and easy to get, the hardcopy is Very hard to get in Europe.

Now i just hope for beranek' working climbers dvd series to be put online, so i could purchase and view it on my ipad, most of my reading/viewing arb stuff happens on my iPad while my girlfriend is Watching mindnumming tv series besidde me and i dont own a dvd player anymore.

Best regards


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Gee whiz there's only 25,000 copies out there? They shouldn't let you graduate high school without issuing you one. Kinda wish mine wasn't startin' to get dogeared now. The information about chain sharpening alone makes it worth owning.

I would love a hard copy too. I saw it on Amazon for $175 but with a new born and winter starting to grip the Okanagan I'm in a pinch.
Just got the digital copy now, thank you I've been hanging to read this book.


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So stoked everyone, thanks for the kind words. Ryan, you would be hard pressed to find a good print shop that will print a commercial book without written permission from the author. I don't see why Jerry would have a problem with it, but you'd have to contact him directly. Of course, if you have a good printer at home, have at 'er!