Terex boom fails/ recalls


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So today I found out terex structure warranty is only good if you are original buyer,I have a boom that was in for a recall and was found that boom had a small crack . It was repaired by terex and 3 weeks later it failed again. I took back to dealer and they contacted dealer and I was told too bad . They will preform a drill test and if if comes back good no warranty to repair even though they have already repaired once .i have always been a Hi ranger guy , but not anymore, I told them we currently run 15 Hi rangers they didn't care ! So after having them for close to 30 years I will no longer support them.i don't mean this to rant but I think they should tell people there fine print as I believe a structure failure should be handled by manufacturer even if prorated like Altec . I think it's wrong these machines end up in auctions to burden someone else instead of just being repaired properly
i just bought a brand new terex lift 3 months ago. started noticing the back of the truck was collecting dirt and traced it back to the boom cylinder that was leaking oil from a bad weld. We had to red tag the truck for almost a month while they replaced the cylinder. After replacing the cylinder while I was out of town I check the oil and it was 7 gallons low. The tech told me that the oil wasn't covered under the warranty. They ended up covering it, but so far I haven't been impressed with their service and quality control.


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I've had 2 recalls done on this boom and on top of that the repair on lower boom pin was done incorrect and had to be cut off and redone! I'm waiting to hear back from him on what if anything they will do I called right to warranty manger, my case is if they hadn't attempted to fix it first time I would understand there case but they tried to repair it and failed now boom needs replaced and cost is too high so now it's not there problem. I just want to get awareness out on how then deal!!


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At my work we joke about our terex being built on a friday maybe the only work fridays but all joking aside these pencil pushers need to know peoples lives and lvely hoods depend on these machine and owners should be vocal about them passing the buck
We are also having trouble with Terex and a cracked boom. They want $20K to replace the section. The boom is covered by SN618 but they claim it's proper material even though it's cracking. I'll post more pictures and info later.


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Mine is exact same I've brought it in and they repaired it while testing was done on drill test .there repair was incorrect and had a small crack reappear .ive had it reinspected by an outside engineer and they can fix it . But I'm far from done with terex like I said I've been a buyer of there product for over 30 years and have likely owned 30+ machines .im gonna call the phone # on the recall goes to the American vehicle safety commission from what I've read it covers all vehicle recalls and anything attached to that vehicle .


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Jeeze....i thought 10-12k was highway robbery if i needed to replace our teco upper...does 20k include labor on the terex? I like their setup better than the altecs, but not so much after hearing all this. Good luck to you guys. That's a bunch of b.s..
Ours is a 2002 model. Dead in the middle of the recall. The bad part is its in limbo for ownership. I bought it from a friend of mine. He had bought it from UES in TN as a refurbished truck two years ago when his main bucket truck was having pump problems. Upon getting it from him I noticed the issues with the boom. The bad part is about a month after he bought it, TEREX came to his lot and performed the materials test. They never sent him paperwork or documentation about it but told him over the phone that it was good to go. They filled out the ownership wrong on the paperwork and sent it to a tree service two states away including a bunch of pictures they took at his lot with his other trucks in the background that have his business name on them.

So according to them, they have performed the recall because the material was to spec. The recall is due to booms cracking because faulty material. We have a bunch of cracks in ours right where the diagram in the recall says to check it but they are completely refusing to do anything about it. To me, if it's cracking in multiple places under normal use the material or design isn't up to the task.

I have a ton of pictures I need to post in here. I've got to setup a new way to share pictures as photobucket is useless now.
I was very impressed with the trucks that feva was building when I visited their facility. I was very very close to pulling a trigger on a new unit from them last year. Had all the financing lined up and ready to go for an xt60. I ended up buying two used Altec units instead.

I hope Terex understand that if they do not stand behind a 160k truck that I purchase from them they might as well start shutting down the factory.
I managed to upload a couple of the pictures of ours. There's more cracks in other places. The first one shows the area where the cracks are occurring. The second is after cleaning the paint off the area shown in the first picture. In case it's not clear, this is the lower boom right above where the lower cylinder hooks up. The crack is relaxed in the picture. With the boom over center it starts to open up slightly.

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So this gets even better. Terex wanted to look at the boom to determine if repairs could be made or if a replacement was necessary. We took the truck to Terex Utilities in Birmingham. They didn't perform any repair work or structural tests on the boom but required us to pay them $400 for looking at the truck that is supposed to be covered under the recall for this issue.


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Mine was same , terex repair is to remove the angled gusset and v out the weld and reweld.there option is the boom is too rigid with gusset and doesn't allow deflection.. I call bullshit but mine have been good since , although terex didn't repair properly and an outside party did the repair and explained to Wakaso what they did wrong
Terex cheaps out on every thing they buy up and make their own. A few buddies of mine work for H. One and they started buying "Tere-Flex" booms because they were cheaper and a levelling rod broke and dropped a guy right into hot wires. All these brand new booms now have to go for weekly inspections! They said its back to Altec from now on. Its shame you guys are going through all this BS with them, I would be wild!


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This is very interesting! I am soon to be in the market for a bucket truck. See lots of them with the Terex name----and they look sharp....NOT so much anymore.

Seems to me like a rep would be poking around this forum and chime in with some winning, salesman-speak about how good their product is, and "How fast can we help you?"