Tennis elbow


Ordered and just got my armaid this week. Only used it a little bit, so I can't speak much to the results, other than it feels like an amazing massage right now. I haven't had a chance to watch all the instructional videos, but I'm looking forward to it becoming a part of my daily routine.


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great right elbow has given me some pretty wicked pain this past 3 or 4 months. Now is a great time of the year to heal.

WestCoast Ryan

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A framer recommended this little gizmo to me after it was recommended to him by his physio. Not only will the pain disappear but you'll have the strongest forearms of your life. Also great for gaining coordination on the weak side (left in my case).

A must for anybody who works with their hands.



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The poor man method:
Ice your elbows at the end of every work day. Then get your wife or girlfriend or good buddy to roll a rolling pin up your forearm. Roll from just above the wrist to just above the elbow. This will treat the muscle belly and attachments. Always roll one direction, toward the heart. This will help the lymphatic system drain toxins. Roll both arms both sides. Then ice again. You can also raise and lower your hand while rolling your forearm. This will be painfull but it helps to relax the muscles. Tendinitis sucks. Ice is nice!


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When I use the phone or iPad for any lengthy period it makes my herniated disc in my neck act up