TAZ LOV2 descender

There are more videos on that channel, but its mostly rope access, rescue oriented. The takeway is that you can use foot ascenders with a grigri style descender.


for 10-11mm rope

They seem to sell for around 155 euro / 180 usd, plus shipping.

I'm looking for something similar to a Petzl GriGri or Rig, that wont hockle my kernmantle line to death. Sometimes I tend the rope over the front lip of the Rig to avoid it but I know how touchy they can be if you arent tending the rope correctly.

If I'm not limb walking, I just want something really simple to set up. The wrench takes a minute, and I'm not ready to buy a Rope Runner since the RR2 and the Akimbo are out next year.


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@treebing, what rope have you used with this? I just got one, and haven't have much time to play with it yet, but the little bit I did, it was very jerky and on/off while decending. I don't know if it's me needing to get used to it or if it's more to do with the rope choice. I do think some of it's features like the ability to attach to a loaded line has potential to bring out all sorts of new techniques


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yeah there is a sweet spot that takes a bit to get used to. you can go full release scary pretty quick. the instructions call for the brake hand to be used. my biggest complaint was having to find the handle and bend it out every time. almost wanted to set it in the out position. but it would be super bulky. the runner can also be attached on a taught line.