Swivel benefits?


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I have a rook and it sits on my shelf never being used. I switched to a ring on my bridge and like it better. I have the rope runner, unicender, zigzag, hitch climber, and akimbo. All work well without the swivel for me, the big ISC ring allows some twist so you can manipulate your device a bit
I used to use a ring but it's just too noisy and always ringing. I use only a carabiner or two hooked to my bridge now. I may try my swivel at some point, but so far I've not felt the need for it.

Santiago Casanova

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I've moved to having the swivel at the TIP instead of the bridge.
I like to climb DDrT with an omni block 1.5 as my TIP. The omni's swivel is nice to have up there. I support the omni with a basal anchor. This is really slick. I also like to use a rock exotica large swivel on my bridge. This helps with orientation but it can make things a mess if you are not careful while climbing on multiple lines.


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I run a rook on my bridge and I love it. I use multiple systems/TIPs almost daily, and the swivel function keeps everything tidy when I rotate my work position (which you can do much more easily when supported from multiple anchors).
To be honest, adding the rook has really created more platform for creativity in my climbing. It’s allowed me to add some serious time and energy saving tricks to my arsenal, and taken a lot of the perceived stress and “black magic” out of running multiple systems.
I love my rook too. It holds the carabiner in the right position and allows me to have a second line attached or lanyard and be able to switch sides.