Stump Grinder bought a Brush Bandit 2550

Just upgraded my equipment & wanted to share for anyone considering a new stump grinder.
We have a Carlton SP4012 that runs great and does a good job of grinding but is only 2 wheel drive and I've had to be the 4 wheel drive many times. I also found it challenging to grind while standing right at the controls. I was always leaning and trying to see the stump and had to re-position several times per stump because of the smaller swath.

I looked at Vermeer grinders and chose the Brush Bandit 2550 after demo. The machine is a beast. Track mounted, 50 hp, hydrostatic driven and has a 52" sweep! I can now stand afar, run it remotely and see exactly where I need to grind. I am also able to grind right next to buildings and right up to sidewalks.

Had a large cherry root that was growing into the sidewalk last week. I would not have been able to get to it with the Carlton without hitting the sidewalk and damaging the teeth. Also the belt housing and motor swinging with the sweep has caused problems with grinding next to buildings and fences. The Bandit stump grinder motor sits separate from cutter head and with the remote control I can see everything.

The hydrostatic drive makes a huge difference in maintenance, no jack shafts, and tons more power to cutter head with ability to slow down track speed.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a new grinder. Very happy with Bandit. My brother is still running the bandit chipper we bought in 1998!


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I would be curious to how it holds up. I was a super bandit fan....up until I bought some of there newer stuff. Just not as beefy as the old stuff. Brand new 19xp chipper is cracking all over the place on us. Bandit is not super quick at responding to the issues. We shall see where it goes. Problem is...our Morbark cracked just as much. So maybe its just a thing with the steel they have now compared to 20 years ago. But after paying 80K on a chipper less than 6 months ago...YIKES! Keep me posted as to how this holds up for you.


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Great Grinder you’ll be happy with it I switched from Rayco to the Bandit 2550xp in 2015 and haven’t looked back besides fuel, servicing it and teeth change zero issues and zero down time.

Merle Nelson

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Royce I had a machinist that did a lot of welding and working with steel tell me that you could tell the difference between American steel and stuff from overseas while working it. He said that they just did not have metallurgy figured out.


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I’ve had my 2550 for 4 seasons, bullet proof design and has made me a lot of $! Why anyone would buy a grinder with belts, chains and stuff anymore is beyond me! The 2550 is so easy to maintain. Congrats on your purchase!