still burning


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That first picture was great. Were you guys working for the forest service?

I have no idea what kind of tree that is but it didn't look too happy.


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no , actually that was the city of chico fire dept. This was in Bidwell Park maintained by the city of chico , who I work for. They pointed to the trees we fell them.

A couple common names to this tree may be , Nut Pine , Ghost Pine, Sabine's Pine. Most common in todays day and age is Digger . Refering to the California indians. Although politcally, Digger is offensive to the indians and is not used in the books. So this should give you a pretty good clue and some history as to what this tree is .


Mark Chisholm

Digger Pine, they have the HUGEST CONES I HAVE EVER SEEN! /forum/images/graemlins/jawdrop.gif

When I went to Knocti Harbor, they were on the side of the road. They look like they would rip your skin off if one fell from a tree and hit you.


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very true Mark. Knarly buggers especially when thier open. I've had to litteraly side swipe a city tree along a home owners fence because they complained about the cones being death threatening .

Interseting fact about Grey pines..ooops did I say that ? oh well. (Pinus sabiniana)The kernals are 25% protien and 49% fat and over 95% of the fats are polyunsaturated. Indidans figured this out many years ago.