Stihl SR 450 opinions

Does anybody have any experience owning or using the SR 450 and if so can they give there feedback on this unit both as blower and sprayer.
I'm looking at getting a new blower or good used one and at the top of the line is the spray/blower combo. I mainly need it for 90% blowing and only 10% spraying but even the large backpack pump sprayers only work so well. I always know it's best to have one machine that can do two jobs and to go with quality.
Any opinion would be much appreciated, thanks!


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It is a nice idea but the mist blowers are not as multi purpose as they look. If you're doing 90% blowing I would get a BR 600 or 700. You won't regret it! I got an SR 200 for occasional mist blowing use, and it does fine unless you are in a high production forestry setting, or wanting to spray powder/granular product and then it doesn't have enough power. However it sucks as a leaf blower. I have not tried leaf blowing with the larger mist blowers but I can imagine they would be almost as bad as it is a different design than the leaf blowers and does not work nearly as well as a regular blower. Your dealer would probably let you try one if they have one in stock..

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Thanks 802. I actually picked up a 600 2 days ago for a very good price. It works really well and is comfortable. I may get the 500 silencer as there pretty much the same machine and then for those noise sensitive clients I can switch it out.


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Just piling on what you may already know ....................
I have an old Stihl 350 blower; still works well, as designed.

Last year, I got a Stihl 600 blower; which was a big improvement.

If I remember correctly, the 600 has slightly higher velocity compared to the 700.

I've always thought that you need higher velocity to pickup the material (leaves, etc); and then you need lots of air volume to move the material.