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The company that I am working for now is looking to purchase a spray rig. In the past I have used nothing but diaphram pumps driven by gas engines. For maintenance reasons we were thinking of using a 12v electric motor driven pump system. What we are wondering is if we can get what we need out of a 12v system? What do/does you (your company) use? (We will be spraying and fertilizing.)

Mark Chisholm

We just ordered a rig that is run by:

· PTO Driven Udor Beta150 Diaphragm Pump (40 GPM, 700PSI)

· Remote Mounted Suction Strainer, High Capacity ARAG Style with On/OFF Valve


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12V will only dissappoint you, the coverage is limited to ground-hugging shrubbery.

Consider piston/diaphram/centrifigal w/ horsepower. Then browse for the electrostatic option...charged spray particles for reduction of drift and adherence to leaf surface.


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I agree with OW - you're not going to spray much more than boxwood with a 12v.

Udor pumps are the way to go. We have 9 coupled with Honda engines (10th ordered). The first one we bought is 12 years old and have never done anything to it other than change diaphragms every other year.


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Thanks guys,

Talked with the sales rep from Minnesota Wanner and we decided to go with a Wanner piston pump coupled to a Honda engine. We are limited to the size because we want to use it on our utilty truck.

Tree Wizard where in SE WI are you from?