Spray Guns


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I'm looking to maximize the vertical reach of my 11.6 gpm 500psi sprayer. I've got on it a Green Garde JD9. Any suggestions?



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Yeah, go bigger. Used to call them trombone guns, I'll look for actual names later. Sprayer Depot (or something like that...) May be a good start.

JD9 and similiar are great guns for everyday work but a big tree sprayer it is not.

What do you need such high volume and pressure for?


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Thanks JD for the links. Been wanting the big Udor gun but haven't been able to justify the cost. Price here is $80-$100 less than I have found elsewhere. Will also check the site for other goodies.


I’m a big fan of the Bean 785 gun. You can change the tip oriface sizes to gain a little more height. And it looks cool.

I agree with JD that the JD-9 is good for shrubs or small trees (< 20 ft), but you won’t get much more than that out of it. NEVER give in to temptation and buy the “imitation” JD-9 to save $100. You’ll pay for it in frustration and down time trying to fix the damn thing. Always buy the real one.


I’ve been know to yell “Say hello to my little friend” while lobbing hort oil onto hemlocks with the 785.