I would have to look for the quote but i believe it was just shy of 200. About 3 times the price of a comparable size unit.

How do you like it? It seems to be the most robust built of all the units on the market. Speed? Stability?

I have purchased bucket trucks, dump truck, stump grinder and grapple truck all in the last 9 months. Defenitly have been thinking of trying to add a lift in the next few months. Need to see what accountant says about end of year purchasing needs.


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I see versalift makes a nice looking crawler unit they had at the dealership last time i dropped the bucket off for service. I looks very robust similar to the altec unit the asplundh has been using.


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Just got into bixs spider lift.

It's been a huge addition to his arsenal.

He's got some steep terrain and monster trees out here..

Wrecked a decent sized oak in about ab hour..

Funny thing was I never really got the hang of how to go where I wanted. It's a much different system with the extra boom

And it felt mighty shaky compared to a bucket truck, but that's all things just need to get used to.

Gotta admit I was scared there for a minute. Still working on his kind of terrain, the track machine is far better machine


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Quick question....

Do the outriggers need to be on flat pads?

I would think so, I've seen the bucket slide downhill on the outriggers, so I keep a lot of cribbing on the truck

Spider lift is a lot lighter and the outriggers have a lot more reach, but still gravity works every time.