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We want to go the tracked lift route over a bucket truck ( more access to more trees) but the cost has us leaning towards a truck in the spring. After seeing these in action on here, I'm re thinking


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Here’s a screenshot of a panorama that wouldn’t upload properly. I think you can still scan it and get the idea. Sorry if it’s wacked! :confused:

I started well away from the shed and cut 16” pieces out, then began to rig out to prevent anything from deflecting off the exposed ledge and smashing up the building any further. Three rigs total. Here’s the first...

I was able to pick up the roof side of the log and spin it 90 degrees to hang free before lowering. Here’s the last rig...
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Just before lowering...

The Spider Lift was clutch here. I tracked in through a 3’ wide patch of lawn between a garden bed with hardscaped edges and 3 exposed septic caps. I’m really stoked on this thing. I’ll be stretching it’s legs for the months ahead while attacking countless crumbling, standing dead Oak trees in my ‘hood.


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There’s some real differences in how these different booms perform, and there are a few intricacies I didn’t expect with mine. They quickly become second nature and you’re off.

A few things I’ll say:

- Some people say these have slow hydraulics. This is partly true, and they’ll feel slow when you’re well inside the working range of the chart, but when you’re fully extended, it’s a whole other story. You wouldn’t want too much speed out there or you’ll get slung around if not lightly feathering the controls.

- Big differences between a Scissor Lower Boom and a Single or Telescopic Lower Boom... I’m loving the Telescopic Lower and Upper style on mine, as it’s closest to a typical bucket truck. There are advantages to the Scissor type though, but mostly just changes how you’d approach work stations within the chart based on other surrounding obstacles.

- Just an overall game changer. Safety being key in accessing crispy trees without anything else to tie into.

- Lots of moving parts compared to a bucket truck. Grease can collect unwanted sawdust in scores. Be ready for maintenance, and be ready for the operational learning curve on certain Boom designs.