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These are great for speed lines too. Quick on and off, the glide nicely and are half the cost of The locking variety.


You can't beat how inexpensive sewn webbing straps are.
Once you and your crew get experienced with running the system you will notice more straps make things quicker. My kit has between 14 and 21 straps in it. On a quick couple zips for pruning one bundle (7) comes out. On a removal I'll have 7 in the tree, 7 on my rope ready to come up and 7 in reserve in case things really get going good. This way the ground crew doesn't have to worry about watching/counting straps. If there isn't a set on the rope they put one there when they have a chance. Very seldom do I have to ask for straps.
Absolutely on the sewn webbing straps being inexpensive.

I'll look at those for future needs.
You graduated from the WHS in MARYLAND? I had to relocate during my senior year and officially graduated from a small high school in VA, but I will always be a Class of '76 River-Rat from Williamsport High. My stepson is a special needs kid, but they never classified him ... has an extra sliver of chromosome. He loves to pack rope for me.
No williamsport Pa lol


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These babies can change your whole game, on every rig, in every way every day.
1 of the best things i ever did was commit to carrying a handful up on every climb.
Make Bowline in rigging line, and every load gets a sling/krab that clips to Bowline eye;
>> quicker ground return to already waiting targets with slings/krab sets on them ready to go, best position already adjusted 3x
send down a couple this time
maybe use another sling/krab set to bend the line out of way to perfect point etc.
>> reusable, modular quick connections, pulley holders, line benders, handle on stob, PENALTY FLAG TO BE SEEN FALLING FROM TREE LOUDER THAN /OVER NOISY CHIPPER, balance your self better, hold drink etc. multi-function modular connection, speed lining don't come close ways to use these!
>>i'd say never leave home/ground with out 'em
>>don't make L-earning curve steeper/longer by not having them there with you to be creative and find existing paths/leaving in truck must factor in grounds finding and sending up etc. >> carry'em!
BUT, is best if sling is free roaming for even wearing,
>>but even captive eye allowing roaming has a certain risk.
Can TOO EASILY get 1 leg of sling back thru krab gate
>>if plain krab sling just in there, will fall off safely
BUT if 1 leg steps back thru gate on krab and sling is tied or 'eyed' on krab
will appear fully functional but only knot or captive eye not shearing holds to krab
>>captive eye can shear off very quickly, knot will hold some
>> but neither is equivalent to sling properly set on krab, legs positioned right (whether plain, knot or eye)
edit:home now

Just another reason to re-post Dave Spenscer's speedline animation (almost 20yrs old?)
>>notice how sling/krabs also used to redirect line
>>can flex rear piece to front on hinge, pulling thru prussik to gain/maintain purchase
>>notice near end is even used to pullover top piece on hinge for slower hit, while ground control is pulling slack thru prussik
>>note the spread load of several krabs on big piece,keep load higher etc.
finish by flipping line from high krab to crotch or around high stob and dropsy daisy!
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