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There are usually unused scholarships for Camp Canopy if you know a student who wants to go, call OFA and they may be able to help connect kids with some $ to go.
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Thank you guys for posting this. That's a class act, right there. Entire forests have been burned to the ground from some idiot throwing a cigarette butt out the window of their car. It only takes a small spark to light a fire... send a kid to a learning environment like this, and you might send them down a career path that lasts a lifetime. Too many people look at education assistance as some form of welfare. That's sad. Scholarship programs result in people with real aptitude finding a path they otherwise might never have been exposed to, and society is repaid many times over when they shine that light on their chosen field of study or interest.

I'm almost tempted to stop making fun of you guys and the state of Ohio.

Emphasis on the almost part. :whistle:


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Dawes Arboreteum plant sale is saturday if you need some cool stuff. I went today to beat the public as they'll hook up municipalities and other organizations.