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Update on my New Darn Tough Socks:
called Darn Tough, and confirmed that these are the thickest socks, w/ the most cushion, that they currently make:
Style # 1940 - Mountaineering Micro Crew Extra Cushion
73% Merino
25% Nylon
2% Lycra
They were not as thick, or "cushy", as I had hoped when I order them.
However, I have other (thinner) Darn Tough socks that "fluffed" up significantly, after washing & drying.
These did not "fluff-up" significantly.

Also the relatively thick stiff seam at the top of the toes is slightly irritating.

My guess is that they will wear like IRON.
It seems that most of the nylon is on the outside, where most of the boot friction will wear the sock.
Most of the Merino is on the inside (but not enough for me).
So ...............
My current favorite sock would be:
#1 Thick Smart-Wool (lots of synthetic fibers outside for friction wear; LOTS of Merino inside)
#2 Wigwam, Rugged Hiker (equivalents are listed in above post) [Merino is evenly distributed, inside & out, wear is good]
Update after numerous washings of the Darn Tough, Style # 1940 - Mountaineering Micro Crew Extra Cushion:

These socks needed a little "break-in", at least for me.
The toe-seam is on the inside; and quite large, due to the thickness.
It was very irritating on my toes.

After numerous washings, this has improved considerably.

As expected they are wearing like iron ! ! !
Overall, better than I expected. Still wearing them frequently !
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I love Darn Tough, but I bought a pair of Farm To Feet last summer because they are merino wool and have trees on them (, and they are my favorite pair by a wide margin. No seem on the toe and they're very cushiony, have been great in Philly winters and are awesome in the Florida summer I'm working in now. I will be investing in more. I wish I had either kind when I was in the army.

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Thanks for the tip. The farmtofleet socks look very interesting. I'm going to check them out.
I much prefer a heavy weight, and after some searching, they make in several crew length.