Smaller company vs. large corporation...the struggle is real.

So I think this is the best place for this, if not any capable IT personal can move it not a problem. My question and maybe there is no clear answer/thought. I have been with both large companies, name it probably been there at least a month or two. Also had a couple small company (LLCs) I worked for, maybe this is more a poll and a highly opinionated matter, which is best. At times the politics of large can be too much for the benefits package, etc. There is a awesome comradery with small vs. the "here's your jobs for the week I am going to New Zealand" of the large companies. But the other hand, small companies come and go, and live a die on having good help (mixed with good capital). The large companies seem to watch every minute of your day to the "hear have an extra hour of pay" of the smaller companies. The more I work for both the more I am torn, large companies seem to be safer (generally, there are exceptions to this and more increasing so in past years) and have a variety of large removal to cabling and pruning. Where as small companies seem to be heavy removal (at least the area here in SC), and some pruning. By the way some may post the self employed thing up, been there tried it, but hard to run and keep a family of six fed. That option is out until my climbing days come to an end...maybe 70ish. There is my daily rant. Climb safe, cut faster...


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Well...what aspect of your work are you most interested in and would like to learn more about and improve upon?

Follow up, where do you want to be in the field in 5-10 years?


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With the caveat that the small company doesn't go out of business. No matter where you go you will find success with staying at one for your whole career. Maybe a little shopping st the beginning but the guys who say they ve been to 5-10 tree services typically are the least happy even though they are excellent arborists. There are obviously exceptions but whatever your future goal is you will find the most success when you dedicate your career to one
There is no perfect answer. Most people don't make their whole career at one company. If you go an work with a big outfit, you have to know that if will operate like a big corporation. The old saying, the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing, applies. If the other people's pay and vacation schedules bother you it isn't going to work out. People who suck get promoted, it happens, sometimes on purpose. Other people stake out their positions so they don't have to work, or they get the best equipment, or they can scam the system. You have to let it go and take care of you and do your job. There is little to no chance you will impact any real change across the whole corporation, and there is no chance it is really fair.

On the opposite end, the small outfit is at the mercy of the owner(s). If they are good people, and good business people, they will likely be good to work for. But you can't get blood out of a turnip. If there isn't enough work, or the company isn't structured to do the work that is available then everyone suffers. Plus there are many many businesses that aren't run by owners with good business skills. Or ones where they care more about their customers than they do about their employees. Nepotism can also be a huge problem. Not because it doesn't happen at the big outfit, but because it can have such a big impact at the little outfit. . I personally like the small business because my actions can have a direct impact on the bottom line for everyone involved. I also like it because I have a bad taste for lazy, and hiding at the coffee shop for three hours every morning won't work out.