Small carabiner


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I guess it depends on what your difinition is of small is. The mighty mouse is much shorter than most other carbines even though it might weigh more.
I found my Mighty Mouse.
It & the DMM Shadow are exactly the same length.
The DMM width is significantly smaller, along the entire length.
Also the MM material is thicker (i.e. diameter). The spine is extremely wide.

I bought my MM for a specific configuration, but due to the large thickness's; it wouldn't work. (see link for pic)

Just for reference I measured the MM: 86 grams


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I'm wanting to hook my bridge to the paw instead of tieing with a stopper knot so i dont have to step through it to put on or take off my saddle. Any ideas?
Personally, I would not use a screw lock in that application.
I envision way too much contact with rubbing, pushing, twisting, etc.
I would only use some form of auto-double-locking. (triple if available; e.g. DMM Durolock)

Also make sure that the paw connection hole is small enough, that it will not allow the carabineer to rotate & become side-loaded.

Normally, screw links, shackles, etc should be mechanically tighten (wrench tight), not hand tight.
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