Single line accessory cord questions

Hi guys

I have some questions about single rope ascension-descension technique :

1- what do you think about using kevlar accessory cord 5.5mm on a 10.2 mm with vt hitch or diestel hitch, could it work or a bigger accessory cord diam is needed?

2- on a single line is possible to use vt tresse or this kind of knot works well only in srt closed system?

Thanks for feedback!


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Your going to need larger cordage regardless, preferably something heat resistant. While there are a few hitches that allow descent on a single rope, your best bet is a way to add friction to take some load off the hitch. I.e. ropewrench, figure8, munter, etc.


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I wouldn't use less than 8 mil cordage. And not accessory cord, but heat resistant hitch cordage.

And you should definitely have a rope wrench or some way of adding friction. Otherwise you will have no fun
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