Show off them splices


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Finished a tachyon today. It's pretty difficult stuff IMHO. There are three purple strands in the middle of the core. I am not sure what others do with them. I was concerned if I snipped them off they would ball up on the final bury, so I left them in and it worked out fine.
You pull them out a bit and taper them. Like the core on a 16 strand. But also like a 16 strand they are not load bearing, and just there for shape and firmness
I had some leftovers from other tools and figured I could use a monkey tail for spar work. I have 7 trees to go in my yard and this will be good for the poles. Spar work is my least favorite. Maybe a different technique will help. The biner is basically pointless unless the eye is not good enough for a stopper.


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The one on the left is a locked brummel on one end and a regular brummel on the other. I made it before knowing that the tail on the second eye can be braided to form a locked brummel.
The middle one is made like the one on the right except a short section on cover is first added to the eye, Brion Toss calls it a dutchman's hat. There is a cover tail on each side of the eye that you can whip to the outside or they can be taped, tied down with thread, or woven into the locked brummel, and then the other cover put over it. It's best to use a thin cover for the eyes because it has to pass through the rope for the second locked brummel.