Show off them splices

Well I been sick and not working for a while. Got bored and decided to try my hand at splicing. Of course the only thing I had to splice was throw line. Used 1.75 mm throwline was quite the chore. Started with a broke off section. Then went ahead and did the new 180 ft hank of 2.2 mil. Both were of the treestuff branded variety. Can't wait to get a bag of rope and practice with the big stuff.

IMG_5836.JPG IMG_5838.JPG
My wife got a good laugh out of that. You are right on about logic and common sense. I married her because she is no ordinary woman. Most importantly she is frugal. This is almost always a good thing except when she says things like "isn't 10 buckets of rope enough" or "do you really need more rope." If I said I needed more rope, and I do, that would be the addict talking.