Show off them splices


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I'm going to post a few photos of what I have been working on over the past 6 months or so. Post up what you have been working on and lets keep it going.

First one is vortex hot climbing line with no lock stitching (there is some on it now).



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Split tails

The one on the right is super old almost a year or two old. Used some eye cover stuff from wesspur.

The ones on the left have since been covered in either black or red maxi jacket.

Also the ice split tails have the simple 3 turns then rotate 90 degrees and another 3 turns. I like doing the simple lock stitching for 12 strand stuff.



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I might need to get some photos of some of the spider legs I made and a lanyard that went to the ITCC and pasted gear check. I love the fact I had an item of mine go to ITCC. It was a special day for me.
Pete Fixler told me Norm Hall inspected it so I do feel good about that.

A lot of other forums have a thread like this that sticks around for people to show their work off so I though I might start one here. It's about time.
Most of my previous splicing attempts were strong just not real pretty! I have some OP 10mm to work on as well as some vortex as soon as I order another 200'! Hope they come out as well as yours. I agree about starting a show off thread! I will post some as I complete them. Pretty or not


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Trust me I have some ugly looking splices. I can even get some pictures up of those. I have a junk bin of stuff to show as examples and things to help me remember where I came from. It has taken me a long time to actually trust my splices.

Also note I LOVE double braid splices. I just borrowed a long wand from a friend so you'll see more 16 strand when I get some extra cash and projects that need it.

Sadly I'm about to cut the 8mm OP pinto rig apart to use the pinto for something else. Btw that was one of the toughest splices I've done to date. Not counting used rope.


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here is 1 of my climbing lines

[/ QUOTE ]

It looks like it isn't buried all the way. That mark shouldn't be visible. Otherwise, nice splices.