Sherrillstuff? Treestuff sold?


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TS is still doing me right. My kids are a little upset that I don't get all kinds of stickers but I still get my stuff quickly and usually a cool buff tossed in.

Speaking of emails I just got another one. That's three today but one was order confirmation, second was a delivery notice, and this one is for the flash sale


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Not a one. Unless you include the shipping label. Received shipping confirmation earlier today. Hopefully there will be stickers.

I forgot to mention the wildflower seed packets I received in my last two orders. My daughters love them
I always get stickers and lately the flower packs but never the small extras like before. My last order was placed on a Thursday but did not ship till Monday, incomplete, for something that showed in stock. First time my order did not ship same day.

The order before, I called in to add something and the girl on the phone was beyond excellent.
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