Serius Rope Outer Sheath Failure

This is one of the best threads I have read to date. I'm just a new rec climber but have been researching the forces at work with rope angles and tie in points. Have been reading the rigging threads due to the correlation of weight and size of logs you guys work with. Fascinating stuff for someone with my lack of knowledge! Most of the information in this thread has taught me a great deal! Appreciate all of you guys sharing, what a great resource right here!

Stephen Moore

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If it was 12" for 25' that would be 1325lbs. I'm sure the needles and cones make up some weight for the lack of diameter but I don't think it would weigh the same as a solid 25'. The Sirius has a mbs of 7900. I've taken stuff just as big and blocked some good size wood with 1/2". Not doubting your logic Jeff just don't think that was it. Maybe I'm wrong. That's the information I'm looking for here.
You said you dynamically loaded it? Hmm And if breaking strength is 7900 Lbs then working load limit is 10 percent of that which is 790 Lbs. Therefore the estimated 1325 Lbs you stated is clearly beyond the rated capacity of the rope by almost double. Not slaying you, just wondering if that may have played a factor in the ropes failure? I hope Im not confusing this comment with the original post ?
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I know Ropes are tough.. The one in pics looks fairly worked.. At the size of limb you say Steve at a 10:1 safety factor I'd bet you were close to wll 12mm 790 lbs for a rope in that condition I'm sure that it was less than that and for the size three wraps seems like it would be Locking it off ime.. Sounds like you should grab some line with a nylon core for some good stretch with the ropers your working with.
A good rope man can be just as important as the high rigger. Nobody wants to pay good money for a skilled rope man on the ground. If I'm going to work for a company on the side or just to fill in my off days I will often bring my rope man and factor his pay into my price. If the climber and roper are a good team it is a beautiful thing to watch, and a skill that is harder to find now a days (roping), with all the cranes and lifts guys use these days.