Sena comm install


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I bought mine online from a company in Philly for way less and installed it in a few minutes on a Proto. Search on here I know there are a couple threads about installing them.


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I got the same version but if I do it again I would probably go with the "R" version. I know a few guys on here have switched to that version and like it better because of its size and the way it gets mounted.


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I'm installing a 10R in my protos as we type. There is no resource for how to go about it so I'm drawing from several videos.

The Honey Brothers photo looks awkward because it puts the "brain" cord in the retraction path of the earmuff.

I've currently got the brain on the back, low, right.

I've taped the battery casement on the tab that locks the headband to your head.

I just got back from lowes with some zip ties to try and bring order to the wires.

The limiting factor seems to be the length of the mic wire in relation to the back of the helmet. Everything else is a question of "by what tangly path", and "how do I charge/operate this f*cker?"