SENA 30k mic not long enough work around


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I already own a Sena 30K for my motorcycle helmets, with those you merely buy another mount ($80usd) and you can switch the unit between helmets. I figured I would do that for my PROTOS when it came in.
If you're reading this you probably know that I found the mic not to be long enough. I called Sherrill and they did not have a fix and told me that Sena had told them there would be no mic long enough to work with the 30K. I called SENA and they also did not have a fix for me. At this point I have 80 beans invested so I'm not going to just give up.

Aside... if you know Sena you know the 30K has the best mesh intercom yet. Which means you can be listening to tunes while working and when someone else speaks it lowers the volume automatically, preventing the safety issue of listening to music while working on a team.

I looked at the Sena and noticed it was a 90* male to the mic
Considered trying to splice wires of two of the mics, decided with my sausage fingers and soldering ability that would be a last ditch effort.
I searched and searched the inter web until I found this

I called them and they were unsure if it would work. I received it today and with minor alterations was able to make it work and extend the mic anywhere I needed it to.

This is not final as I will embed the mic wire into the ear piece when I am satisfied with how the extension cable is routed.
Other changes: Sena clamp mounted center back of the helmet, short speaker to the right earpiece, longer speaker to the left ear piece. Followed you tube video "sena protos install" pick one.
Then you need to take a utility knife and shave down some of the housing on the 90* male on the new extension cord to make it fit inside the clamp.

I didn't want to spend 200 dollars for a model that didnt have the same capabilities as the one I already owned. I hope this helps someone else save some hard earned dollars.



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Do you like the mic on the ear piece, even when the ear protectors are stowed? I had mine installed when I bought it, and they stuck the mic inside the helmet by my left temple. When not in use i can push it up into the helmet along my forehead and it's out of the way.

The other two senas that I have, I installed and I have the unit and mic installed on the ear piece. It works well, but neither of those are a protos, so the ear protectors stay outside of the helmet.


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Also nice mod, I like the comms canceling out the music feature. I'll have to look into that one in the future, I'm currently using the smh10.


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Ha! No, I absolutely do not like it there, I literally finished the wire mod this evening and only tested it for a short time. Will use it like that for a day or so and then try to figure out the best place for me. I do believe I can route it through the earpiece and maintain the functionality of the ears out the way, without having the mic be in the way either.
If I had a SMH-10 that was working I would not have spent the loot to upgrade to the 30K. If you get the 30K you are going to run into the mic cord that is provided is not long enough to get to your temple. Then you will have to try to find the 2.5 mm right angle male to 2.5mm female cable and make the mods.
I was just trying to help those who may have one already and want to outfit their tree helmet on a budget. :)


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We run the 30ks on all our helmets and haven’t had an issue with the mic cord not being long enough


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Protos? I think the issue is keeping. The function of the hideaway earmuffs and having the mic cord be long enough. What helmets do you run