Scoring the Masters: Big Shot

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Mechanical and manual throwline installation each have their own skillset. One isn't better or easier than the other. What I judge is more based on the choices made and skill shown in using what they want to use.

Would you downgrade someone for using a 'whipping stick' to flick a line into the perfect position? Would a climber who used a stick score less than one who used a custom made carbon fiber wand? I wouldn't care if the climber pulled up a T-stake from around the ring and used it if they got the best TIP.

In the end...the averaging of 3-5 judges scores evens out all of these little points. :)
- You find getting a throwbag high up in the air with a BS is not easier then doing it with by hand?!

- Using a Flipstick would get bonus points from me, if used with sense and skill.

- I really think TCC's are no sport events (although) competitors pay to start,
and I think they wont be in the near future.
As far as I know Nicky from NZ is the only climber so far at TCC's who is not earning her living with tree climbing, isnt she?
Are there already competitors which just do it as a sport?

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
For me, since I don't throw often enough, the bs is the way to go. But this isn't the issue.

The issue in the thread is awarding bonus points for not using a tool. How is using a whipping stick worthy of pints when rolling/flipping a rope is more traditional or harder? To me, there's a huge inconsistency awarding for one and not the other.
For me its about understanding the score sheet and the thought behind it.
If everyone says all the throwing points belong to the BS-"throws" as well, so be it.
Its just a little hard for me to understand, thats why I ask.
There will be not much difference for the masters competitors with this judging, which makes it quite irrelevant then for me?
And its hard enough to find the best one in the masters, how often are the results close together...

Using a Flipstick gets bonus points, BS or hand throw doesnt matter for that.
An thats just my opinion, which may not be the one of a real expert, thats why I come to discuss it here. ;)

And yes, again, I would give someone more credits if he can do a task without a tool, if that doesnt include more time, struggle, pain etc. but just practice & experience.


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I have never scored an event, so grain of salt here.

I suck with a big shot, i have only successfully set a line with a big shot... Twice. I have a better chance of making an eighty, even ninety foot throw by hand (most days) so I definitely see it as just as difficult as a hand throw. More so for me actually. I wouldn't give more points for a hand throw.

I WOULD give more points for a high throw with a monkey fist. Talk about difficult. I hit forty feet once with a monkey fist, and felt like a champ.
I would have to agree that throwing a high target by hand gets the 3 bonus points and the big shot just gets the target points. You can disagree, but in a 100' tree in a master's you don't see that many throwing by hand.


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Each judge has their own opinion of what deserves extra points. I get that it is harder to throwball into a 100 ft tree, but my preference is to award extra points for hitting the first shot or not having to manipulate the line as much. I doubt judges would award extra points for hip thrusting into the tree, and that is much harder.;)