Scissors recommendations?


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What type of scissors are you guys using for the various ropes? Mainly double braids (poly),Amstel (dynema) ect..... don’t want to spend a lot but it would be nice to have something that might work well. Thanks


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I bought a two pack of scissors in the sewing section. 1 a little bit larger and one smaller pair. I probably spent about 20 bucks on those. I don't remember exactly. I know I didn't buy the cheap junkie ones or the really expensive ones. They haven't given me anything except clean cuts so far.


I second the Clauss scissors, they're great but I usually don't use them on my double braid climb lines because i've loosened a few pairs and now they struggle to cut small fibers and strands while splicing. Most of the guys I work with use a pair of Felcos with a good blade for climb lines.


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Thanks, must have missed that one wen I looked. Ended up buying a pair of Klein electricians shears/scissors
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Careful on the fancy fibers. The cheaper scissors just don't cut right after you muscle through beeline or OP a couple of times.
I use disposable box cutter blades on dyneema and technora.


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@SeanRuel; Thanks for that tip. @Batla; Thanks for confirming what SeanRuel said, and adding some nuance. Do you guys have a recommendation for a particular model of such a knife for use in rope splicing, or will just any ceramic knife work well?

If any such knife works well, do you just go ahead and use it for all of your splicing work, or are there times when a pair of scissors seems to work better? Thanks in advance for any answers you choose to provide.



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I make all cuts with my ceramic knife, even on regular rope. Scissors are easier for careful tapering, but plastic cutting board and knife cut is close enough for me