Saluting Branches 2018

So I participated in the Dayton Ohio event yesterday. This was literally my first time on a professional jobsite, I've done some tree work for friends and on the farm and stuff but never on a pro level and never working with real do-it-every-day tree guys and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by the attitudes of every single person I met. I was worried going in I'd either actually be in the way or possibly be treated like I was in the way and I was definitely a bit intimidated but I manned up and showed up and boy I'm glad I did! I learned some things, I met some great guys and it just felt great volunteering there for the vets!
I felt I kept up a good pace and held my own and no one gave me any grief. I was only one of two climbers, the other guy being a guy from Davey (shout out to Joe who was super cool and taught me a few things right away) and all the other crews there were happy I was there working with them.

Super cool experience and I'm so glad I went!

My morning project was safety pruning this old oak.

Half way done with it

Top coming out action shot thanks to my buddy I drug along.

Can't believe I didn't get an after shot but it was all cleaned up by lunch.

Afternoon project was dead limbing a bunch of maples in an area completely inaccessible by machines. Had to work in between 3 services.



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I had invited a Gold Star husband and wife that had contacted me a few months ago about an issue they had with a memorial tree they had planted in their yard for their son. They were amazed at the turnout and enthusiasm of the group. They learned a th on about what we do and threw in like champs, dragging brush and chipping. An awesome day.
It was such an honor to meet them! I can't say enough. 20180919_074517.jpg

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Here from the beginning
I spent the day at Ft Snelling in Minneapolis with a bunch of high energy arbos. The first tree is one that i started reducing last year. I climbed and had 2-3 observers on the ground letting me know what to cut. Made great teamwork.

A wonderfull day spent withe old and new friends in service