Rope Wrench


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Those climbing on one of Surveyor's sheaves - what kind of differences do you notice with it?


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Gives a better bend radius and stops the rope from flattening out as much. But I am not an expert I got one and that is my $.02.


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I have two of Surveyor's sheaves and it makes a big difference. Also both sheaves are able to turn on mine so it feels almost like the difference between a ring and ring saver and a pulley saver.


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Im looking forward to the new wrench. I wish I had waited since $ does not come easy for me but I geuss it was good to learn on the 1st one.


De' Island Buzzer
I agree Huff, bought the original found it heavy and clunky but liked the concept. Sold that and have the homemade light aluminium one that my friend gave me. Will be buying the new improved version as soon as Luke has them in stock. Like the rolling sheave addition and the fact that ISC is making them.