Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

View attachment 41389 I've been through every tether, hitch cord, pulley out there and this is my go to. I have actually gone back to using the wrench over the runner because this works so well. Im #160.
Rope Logic single eye tether(best yet, built in attachment works perfect and the length is perfect)
11.7 Blue Moon, Aztec whatever there calling it nowadays.
Petzl Am'D Triact.
ISC Rope Wrench pulley.
28" 9.3 Epi Cord with 5 wrap Petroacan.
One thing I did was with the ISC rope wrench pulley is I took a rubber mallet and on a 2x4 bent the eyes of the pulley inward(not much). It seemed to help allow this whole setup to fit better on a typical oval biner and also allow the pulley to move despite having the eyes of the hitch cord press on it(if that makes any sense). In addition my ascent setup is a 4 SRT chest harness, CT homemade knee ascender and the new style Petzl pantin.
Would it be asking too much to see a video of you tying this?

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Kris, if you know how to tie the Michoacan, just rotate it 180 degrees and bring the eyes forward.

The Michoacan is a double eye Blake's hitch that replaces the tail with an eye and only goes through one wrap at the bottom instead of two wraps.
My setup is a RW ZK-1 with a ABR/Treestuff 12" stiff tether and HC pulley. Been using 28" 8mm beeline e2e on Samson Velocity with a 4-wrap Distel. It works OK at first but eventually gets very bindy and the hitch constantly needs to be loosened up. There is so much friction that it won't work with a HAAS. I keep meaning to try taking a wrap out of my Distel.

Would switching to a (shorter??) Oceans 9.3mm e2e help, or should I switch to tying a michoacan or VT???

160 lbs. +gear



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If you can get a michoacan to play nice they're fantastic. They do seem to be a bit finicky with hitch cords and wraps. Try a 3/2 and 4/1. I weigh about the same as you amd those work for me with a stiffer cord like your beeline.
I do love a nice fast vt but the setback is undesirable once you are used to a hitch that doesn't do that.
I have settled on a 28" 10mm epicord in a 4 over 1 micho on cougar blue or grey (also Yale 11.7 family). It is smooth on ascent (and easy to tend) and grabs reliably. No binding... Works great in all weather conditions. I'm 165 without gear.

Thanks. I will look into the michoacan.

Is anyone climbing on a RW and distel hitch?
I have used the distel with the same cord and rope mentioned above, but find it too grabby on ascent. It is great for descending and jumps :D.


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The Distel has a few "cousins" that you might want to try.

The Happy Hands and Very Happy Hands are from Steve Bullman's knotguide on the Arbtalk forum. The eyes switch their actions after the wraps and are the reverse of the Distel.

The Matt Cornell, below the Distel, is tied the same as the Distel, except instead of the eyes just bypassing each other, they form an overhand knot at the finish under the diagonal bridge.

The MC Happy Hands, which I originated, is the reverse of the Matt Cornell.

The Very Happy Hands can probably also be reversed,making a sixth hitch,but I haven't played with it much.

The five maybe six hitches can each be rotated 180 degrees to double your amount of choices!