Rope walker help


I am trying to dial in my climbing system which consists of pantine, hand ascender with foot loop, lanyard over the shoulder with the wrench.

I'm not even sure this is considered arope walker system so i researched some to no prevail.

The problem I'm having is I always feel like my hand that is not on the ascender is in the way on the rope. I am thinking about buying the petzl ascentree 2 handed ascender but I'm unsure if thats a good solution and would rather not learn the hard way!



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hold on to the hand ascender with both hands.grab a hold of the top of the cam housing, its kinda like a tight chin up position. it also helps with your posture, keeping yourself parallel with the rope and minimizing energy loss. also inserting a small ring in the rope wrench tether coupled with either a bungee neck tie a helmet bungee or a inner tube chest harness. better tending and also promotes better posture in my opinion.




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I use my off hand to help hold me verticle when suspended away from the stem/canopy (meaning on the rope) and to help by pass branches when getting in to the thick stuff. When I first started wrenching I had a hard time getting.that system working effortlessly for me too, so I understand what you mean about feeling like that hand is in the way. Personally, I just kept at it until it felt natural. The conversion between the horizontal DdRT body posision and the vertical SRT posision is night and day. Long live the wrench.


Thank you all for the help! I am getting married this weekend orI would have responded sooner. I went ahead and ordered the Ascentree and can't wait to give it a go. I like the idea of the two hands on a one hand ascender and probably the reason it didn't work for me when I was trying some combinations before is I have been using a right hand ascender on my left hand! Glad to know my systems name now too ha ha.