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Is it better to use the top pin in the bird assembly as a slick pin or the bolt instead because it seems like my runner has a tend to get choppy because the slick pin likes to rotate. Any thoughts?
I opened it up all the way the top. All the other components are working flawlessly. But that top slick pin just seems to roll, it might be that's it's just new, but I'm wondering if I should grab one of the double ended bolts they sell and put that it instead. I've tried on both static and dynamic same result.either way I'm still burning on it


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When it's spinning, does the runner actually get inconsistent with grab? Like grab and go, grab and go. Is that the choppiness you are talking about? I had that problem with Yale imori. What rope are you using it on?


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My runner was very choppy until I wore a bit of a groove in the spine/body whatever you call that piece. Doesn't like pitch, but now with a bit of a groove it is much much smoother and easier to breaK. I kind of remember the pin spinning early on, the locking parts would catch my fingers at times, but it doesn't happen now, so it must not spin and I just don't notice it.
Get some good long fast burns on the runner and see if that changes it. Would be a bummer (and take the deal out of the deal IMO) to sacrifice mid line attach ability.
I have the gold rope runner.
Truth be told, I nearly bailed on it after the first couple weeks, but now I'm very glad I did not. I use it most every day.


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I have found that even a small amount of pitch can cause the slick pin to rotate when in contact with the rope. It lasts a bit of time as well. Cleaning the slick pin helps. Just thought I'd throw that in there.


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Runners need to be broken in like Jon said....after a while that choppiness will disappear...keep using the slick pin...midline is a good thing...when the anodizing is gone from the fiction plate it will get smooth...aztec and the runner wide open is a


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I used a wrench in a comp recently too, but otherwise runner and bdb. Don't even like hitch cord anymore.
No looking back. Used to carry prussic and all the set up for the just in case I wanna switch back. It's either been sold or given away.
Wow! Powerful statements. Thanks, guys. Still saving up, but all of these endorsements are a real motivator.

This forum is amazing.