Rope ID and splicing instructions help

Yeah if you look closely at my rope there are two (or twin strands) that are braided vs the single strands in the pics of forestry pro

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Jeez EVO, you made me put down my beer and go look! I'm pretty sure EVO isn't ur name but I've got a co-worker named IVO which is Czech for Ivan/John.

24 individual strands braided in 12 twinned pairs with no core



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Ha! The Evo thing is based on a old exotic reptile shop business name I had. I would guess you could splice it like any other hollow braid, but don't take my word for it. I wonder if it's from the same manufacturer as forestry pro?


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Technical term is 12-2 carrier strands. Some marine type ropes have 3 carrier. I also thought Forestry Pro when I first saw it.