Rope for hitch hiker

I may have phrased that wrong...
How's the voyager do with the switch from srt to DdRT?
I have been using the vortex 12.7
But I notice a lot of fibers in the wheel of the rope wrench, thinking about getting a smaller diameter.
Ok I'm thinking about buyin.g a hitch hiker for both tree work and fun climbing. Will it work for my boy srt? He's 4'5" 70lbs. Also has anyone use Samson Voyager with the hitch hiker?

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It should be fine for his weight. The way the carabiner slides in the groove, the more load applied the more friction the device adds. Can't comment on the voyager but I would imagine it's a fine choice.
You might end up using one wrap less on the hitch? I'm continually amazed at how bulletproof this device is. Kinda embarrassing but one time in the tree I looked down and realized my rope wasn't behind(between lower carabiner and spine) and it still worked SRT.

All that being said, I think if your just starting a child out, it should be MRT/ddrt so you can hold on to tail if he gets scared and grabs hitch on way down you can still stop his descent. If he's already experienced then have at it SRT with the HH2.

Gonna try to post a pick of my son on hitchclimber


Funny thing is that I started him out with HH2ayear ago. Just had him tie an alpine butterfly below himself. Really should have a lowerable basal anchor if he gets jammed up u can let him down.
Thanks y'all. Guess I should have re-read above. Y'all had already posted that Voyager works well with the HH2. Nice pic Tex. He's been working Ddrt for a little while now I'll try to pay a pic later.
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I just started using voyager with my hh2 and so far I really like it. The original beeline seems to work better than epicord for me. I've always used Yale 11.7 but it just seems to flatten too much and stay flat. Voyager will flatten a little too but the rope is so supple it doesn't seem to have memory like the Yale did. Very little stretch and I haven't really noticed any bounce at all. Really nice rope so far but like others have said the cover is a little loosely woven so I can't speak on durability, but my old vortex rope turned out to be pretty tough so I imagine this will be too. This is my new favorite right now for sure. The only other rope I'd like to try on my hh is tachyon but I've stayed away from it til now because I heard it was bouncy
I've had good luck with voyager and hh2 so far going on 3 months on that combo. Been experimenting on different hitch cord far beeline is on top. The only time the hitchhiker sucks is when there's pine or spruce sap on the rope.