Rope for hitch hiker

Started shopping around for a new rope to use with my hh2. Just wondering if anyone has some recommendation based on actual experience using the rope with that device climbing SRT. I've been using New England km3 for the last couple of years which works okay but I'm looking for an arborist specific rope. Bought 100ft of 8mm beeline last year because it's been my favourite hitch cord after trying out a few and that's most likely what I'll be using as hitch cord on my next rope.


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I use Yale 11.7 with mine (Arrowfrog specifically) and I like it. Can't really comment on truly static ropes as I tend to stay away from those.
I like the idea of a larger rope, been using 11mm and find it a little small to grip. Are you buying your gear within the country or your taking a hit on shipping and terrible exchange rate like I've been doing for the last couple years lol


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I take the hit on exchange. Still a better price than up here in most cases. If I feel shipping is too much I get it sent to Maine and drive over and pick up.
Yeah. I hear you, I tried that last year but didn't really think it was even worth it after gas and food. Usually tree stuff will ship for around 50$. Anyways thanks for your input, I'll look into that rope.
Sounds like I'll be buying the vortex. Does it only come in 12.7mm ? I've got 8mm hitch cord but that might be a little grabby on 12.7mm rope. Also is the vortex good with the rope wrench because I'm about to pull the plug on one.


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Vortex does not work to well with the wrench. A little large to feed well. If I was buying a rope today it would be the new Samson one, tangent or voyager, the same rope just different colors. That new size is suppose to be quite nice. Just my two bits


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The new Samson 11.8 does run well with the Rope Wrench. I haven't tried it with the HH yet, but I assume it will be similar to the 11.7
I'm leaning towards a rope that would work well in both device. Leaning towards the Samson voyager. I'm currently using 11mm so going to a 12.7 would be a big jump and plus if it doesn't work well in the rw I think I'll stay away from that size rope...I also would like to keep it in the 11mm range so I can keep using my 8mm hitch cord that I have because I've got so much of
It. Thanks guys


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I'm actually new to the hitch hiker myself but have climbed on the yale ropes a lot and have nothing bad to say. Lots of rope wrench.
My arrowfrog works great in the HH. I still use the 9mm rit that came with it, but I think 8mil beeline would rock on any 11.7 rope.
The samson rope is prolly awesome too for hh and rw
Been climbing on the voyager for a week now. Very happy with it. Working good with the beeline 8mm, slack tends easily with one hand,very malleable for easy knot tying. Easy to spot in the tree with its colours. Can't speak for the durability yet I guess time will tell, I usually try to get one year out of my ropes then upgrade just for peace of mind.