Rope Bridge Options

This is a good choice. As a relatively new climber you will be the safest on a knotless bridge due to the fact it is one less thing that needs to be constantly checked.
Yes sir, i was all about customizing the bridge until climbing yesterday, had enough to think about up there constantly adjusting everything and advancing TIP's. You guys make it look easy. I've got a lot to learn and a long way to go
Its one of those cheap old leather red weaver saddles...I stuffed the rope through the straps near the leg buckles and tied a stopper knot at the ends so it won't pull through. The mbs on the rope is just over 5000lbs . I'm just going through a tough time in my life and I'm broke trying to make do with what I got...any info or advice is highly appreciated, and thank you for your time.


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If it is the butt strap type, I never could get it to not crush the hips. The leg loop type I found if I put the leg loops on first, kind of tight, the belt would stay below the top of my hip bones.
Ya I used to keep the leg straps loose but I been keeping them tighter like u said and it helps keep it lower, like u does help a little. I know i really just need to buy a new.belt. I love the expensive ones like the tree motion and monkey beaver but I've seen some nice looking ones weaver and Buckingham u have any suggestions for a cheaper choice than the likes of tree motion etc?


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I don't have any suggestions as I haven't had or tried many harnesses. I recently bought a Petzl Falcon Acsent, which is on the opposite side of the spectrum from the Treemotion, etc.

Something you might want to think about is adding suspenders to your current harness, to take some of the weight off of your hips. You might have to sew on connection points, but the big box stores have the suspenders for under $20.00 in the tool belt section.


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The cougar or Buckingham equivalent is the best for your buck you can convert it to a rope bridge with lower D's as budget allows. I still keep mine for evergreen removals.