ronin powered ascender


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Not mid line attachable.
I added that in an edit above. You probably read it before it was added.
Yeah I saw that, but it wasn't addressed in Mr. Bertrand's reply is all. I think that would be an important feature to incorporate into future designs. Certainly at the $799 pricepoint of the beta units I would be interested as well as the $1199 anticipated MSRP. Just wondering if product liability has kicked in yet? You have to remember, I'm a fat old man!


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Any suggestions for some good conferences to attend?
You guys seem like a great forum group...
Bryant Bertrand
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1. "Landscape Ontario Congress". Toronto. January.
2. TCI Expo. Columbus, Ohio. November.
You seem like a nice fellow.
I am frequently sociopathic on this forum. Please do not mention The Patenting of the Haas.

edit: and be wary of that JeffGu guy


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The Ronin Lift has a variable speed trigger similar to a power drill so you can go between 0.5ft - 2ft per second.
Alright, now we're talking worthwhile ascension rates! Not being mid-line attachable is not a deal-breaker for me. My only other concern is the sturdiness of the appendages/knobs sticking out from the device. How much banging about against tree limbs will they withstand? Yet another reason I'll sit back and wait for feedback from users.


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ISA internationL conference in Washington DC in August. The international tree climbing competition will be held in conjunction with the conference. Also Charlotte arborist assn competition in April draws a lot of people.


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I saw us mentioned on this forum. I would be happy to read through all the questions and respond periodically.

1. The Ronin Lift has a variable speed trigger similar to a power drill so you can go between 0.5ft - 2ft per second.
2. We have a manual brake and a auto lock out feature as a fail safe. The brake is a mechanical hard stop so there is not friction material that will wear out over time.
3. We have not made any conferences at this time we hope to see you all at some in 2017. Any suggestions for some good conferences to attend?

Let me know if I missed anyone's questions. You guys seem like a great forum group I hope to learn a ton from you all.

Also sign up to win a free Ronin Lift. I have attached the entry form.

Bryant Bertrand
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Tcia expo is great

The ISA(international society of arboriculture) conference would also be a good one to look into. Think it's in DC this next year
Thank you all for the conference suggestions.

We will plan on being at the TCIA expo at a minimum next year & the ISA international conference. I am jazzed to watch the tree climbing competition .

There was a question on the appendages sticking out my response is below:

The Ronin Lift has been constructed to hold up to very rough wear. I would not be worried about it getting to banged up. The gear box & motor which is exposed in some of our pictures will be covered with and aluminum shell. Other than that the device should be able to handle the environment you guys work in. We will also be getting a CE and ANSI certification on the Ronin Lift before we deliver next year.

Let me know if you have any other questions we want to be extremely transparent with the product and your feedback is vital.



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Mid line attachment would be nice but an engineering challenge. The mechanical hard brake sounds like pads and rotor? We like to have backups, failsafes and overbuilt toughness. We're slamming heavy loads and doing work unlike other riggers and climbers with our dynamic load drops and side loads. Climbing is one thing, we do that for fun with some lucky guys nipping dead twigs and tips but mostly we're slamming big objects and making it look controlled and soft. Some tough customers here.
The mechanical brake I mention is a hard brake similar to what you would find in an off the shelf descender. There are no rotors or fiction pads that will wear out from heat and abrasion.

The Ronin Lift will be delivered entirely in metal. Our only plastic part on the ascender is our hot swappable battery case. It was designed to be tough so it can handle a wide range of use in some very dynamic environments.
I noticed most $ options are marked "6 months after campaign closes" but it doesn't say that for the ascender for the $799. When can I order and when will it ship? I'd like one ASAP!

Kudos to a great invention!
We appreciate the positive energy and support.

The Ronin Lift will be available to pre-order on 1/16/2017 on Kickstarter. It will be delivered 6 months after the Kickstarter campaign closes.

We will get that updated on the website.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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Sounds like Ronin needs some rough idea of how many to produce and acquire some operating cash to start up production. Sourcing and/or in-house manufacturing can quickly become a nightmare ... especially when sales volume is uncertain. "How many widgets do we make for each thingamabob? And who moved my cheese?"

A lot of people showing interest now doesn't necessarily turn into sales later. Me? I used to make a product and would simply produce a volume that consumed the raw material most efficiently (lengths of steel were my primary driver). My inventory would sell, but never at a predictable rate. When inventory got low, I'd merely start another batch. OTOH, I was working from home and did not incur warehousing costs. Most of today's LEAN principles suggest making today only what you can move today and minimizing inventory. Works great for mass-producing large quantities. Does not work all that great for niche markets with large demand fluctuations.
Yes we are using Kickstarter as our launch vehicle to understand what basic demand for the Ronin Lift will look like.

Part of the funds will be used to pay for the tooling and certification cost to bring this product to market.

Since it is a preorder campaign in which you have to wait six months to get your order we are offering a discount off retail at $799.00. This will be $400.00 less than we will sale at retail on our site.

Again we appreciate all our backers support.

Also Merry Christmas to all you guys and gals. I hope everyone has a nice holiday.



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I have owned a Wraptor since it was evolving out of the prototype stage in the beginning of 2010. I literally love it and have been up on it many many times, sometimes maybe 10 times in one day. I like the battery aspect of the Ronin, especially with longer life batteries these days, the lightness and seemingly more compactness of the unit for hauling and storage, but if I understand right, maybe the best thing over the Wraptor is if I can go up...then down...then back up on it again. You can stop and you can rapell from the Wraptor to do work or to come down off the machine...but you cannot go down and back up again with it. As a matter of fact, when you climb back up with the Wraptor you risk putting slack in the loop over the cog and it could pop off it and then hopefully your safety device will come into play.

Safety licensing for you will likely require this redundant protective device like the Wraptor has above the machine with an ascender attached to the machine and a strap attached to the machine's framework that you snap into your if the machine fails you just cannot fall. I never use this but most probably do.

I will almost certainly buy one even though I don't really need it with the Wraptor in my shop. But this is the future of production tree work when lifts cannot make the scene in my opinion. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas to you too.
Thank you for supporting the Ronin Lift!

You are correct that the Ronin Lift allows for continuous ascending and descending off a SRT. We will be getting the Ronin Lift certified as an ascender & descender before delivery, but I always suggest having a backup when climbing. The CMI rope walker is a good choice as a backup


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That's great. Keep in mind we are gonna shoot a beanbag a hunert feet up in the ahr.

Sometimes we (unwisely) choose to accept a crotch that we hope and pray will retain the small sucker/watershoot captured, instead of sliding down into the crotch (being stressed by a 180 lb climber). Sometimes our plans don't work out and my wraptor gets a pretty good shock load.


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The kickstarter campaign just launched for this thing.
Before dropping $800 I would like to see a nuts and bolts video of how to set it up. How it goes from ascending to descending. Basically a bench and field review done by a tree climber.
You guys beat me to it. Our Kickstarter is live. Thanks for your support over the past few months. A demo is always understandable. We will do a couple Q&A sessions in the coming weeks on Facebook Live demonstrating the device and running through the features.

The Kickstarter link is below for everyone we appreciate your support any pledge or share is meaningful

Let me know if you have any questions

Many Thanks