Get excited! Preparation works started on Tuesday at the Red Bull Branched Out event site at Balranald, NSW. Ecologist John Harris and Active Tree Services EWP operator Mark Shaw are conducting ecology assessments from a 30-metre EWP on one of the trees to be used for the event. The tree is a River Red Gum, about 40 metres tall. Big thanks to Active Tree Services for providing the EWP truck, and ENSPEC for organising the prep work.

This is why Arboriculture Australia has an ecologist inspecting the trees to be used for the Red Bull Branched Out event. This morning during the ecology assessment, 2 Mormopterus sp. (Freetail Bats) were located in a 5 cm piece of deadwood with a small hollow. #Saveourmicrobats#Savethehollows

(These were the first tell-tale signs of microbats in the hollow, bat scats at the entrance... something to look out for. Cheers, John Harris Wildlife Experiences)
We identified a Peron's Tree Frog (Litoria peronii) at about 12 metres high in a branch union cavity in one of the River Red Gums which will be used for the Friday pre-qualifying round in the Red Bull Branch Out event.

Some common names associated with it are the emerald-spotted tree frog, the emerald-speckled tree frog, the laughing tree frog, or the maniacal cackle frog, due to the high-pitched cackle it makes.
#Saveourtreefrogs #Savethecavities

13 climbers arrived in Balraland yesterday night to start the preparation pruning works for the Red Bull Branched Out event. A huge thanks to STIHL for providing the lithium battery climber saws for the tree climbers to use for the next 2 day's work. These environmental chainsaws are required for the pruning so noise is kept to a minimum to not disturb the fauna identified in the River Red Gums through the ecology assessments we ran.

Thanks to Arboressence and Treespec for providing their employees and equipment.

Now that the trees are pruned and ready for the Red Bull Branched Out event, Head Technicians Grant Cody and Jed Reynolds are testing the climber routes on the River Red Gum tree to be used for the Saturday Finals event, making sure that there are plenty of big swings to test the competitor's abilities.

Remember only 100 climbers will get to compete in this event. Register now before it's too late! https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out

Hey guys, just a reminder that Red Bull Branched Out and the 5 Rivers Outback Festival are happening on the same weekend in Balranald, so accommodation is booking up fast!

Please check out the list of accommodation here and make your bookings with the respective places ASAP before you miss out!

As far as we know, Shamrock Hotel/Motel is full, and there's only a few spots left in the Balranald Caravan Park.

Anyone attending the event as a spectator or wanting to help will need to get in quick!

wait, you find an endangered tree frog in a cavity of the tree and then you are going to smash 100 taurinated, caffeinated climbers through it?
Thanks for the question, treebing. The micro bats and the tree frog will not be relocated for the event, as it is best to let them coexist in their habitat undisturbed. The River Red Gums being used for the Red Bull Branched Out event are such large spreading canopy trees that the course will be set to ensure the competitors remain well clear of their current homes.
In additional to the $12,500.00 cash already up for grabs at the Red Bull Branched Out Event, our fantastic industry partners Honey Bros and Teufelberger have donated MORE equipment for prizes on top of the cash already given. This outstanding list of equipment will be allocated to the winners and place getters of the Red Bull Branched Out Event.

6 x Tree Motion Harness
5 x Rigging Block DNM
2 x Distel Aluminum Spur
2 x ICD4 Rescue Descender
4 x ART Spider Jack 3
4 x Petzel Zig Zag
6 x Teufelberger Tachion Climbing Rope spliced 45 metres
4 x Buckingham Porta Wrap

This equipment now pushes the value of cash and prizes to around $20,000.00, making this the highest-valued event for our industry in the world. Get onto www.honeybros.com and check out the massive range of tree equipment and at the best prices. Remember, support the suppliers who support our industry. A big thank you to Honey Bros and Teufelberger from everyone at Arboriculture Australia Ltd, your support is just fantastic. Climbers if you have not entered yet, get online at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out for a chance to win some of these great prizes
and some casssssssssh!
Balranald Pizza & Takeaway is one of the many great places in Balranald, New South Wales, Australia to get a feed! Located on the main strip of Market Street, it's hard to miss and will surely satisfy many hungry Red Bull Branched Out climber stomachs! More videos of Balaranald & the competition tree coming up! Register to climb now at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out

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Watch Grant Cody and Ged Reynolds swing through the Red Bull Branched Out competition tree as they conduct prep work after ecological assessments were completed. This is a great opportunity for the competition climbers to get a good look at the sheer scale of this massive River Red Gum in Balranald, New South Wales, Australia.

If you haven't registered to climb yet, make sure you get in soon at https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out
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I am not at all familiar with a River Red Gum. (I'm in NE Ohio, USA - 15 miles South of Lake Erie)
Until I looked it up, the branches & bark looked like a Sycamore.

It appears to be a very thin skin / bark tree to have 100 climber "speeding" thru.
Comments ? Enlighted me.
I am not at all familiar with a River Red Gum. (I'm in NE Ohio, USA - 15 miles South of Lake Erie)
Until I looked it up, the branches & bark looked like a Sycamore.

It appears to be a very thin skin / bark tree to have 100 climber "speeding" thru.
Comments ? Enlighted me.
Hi Greg, thanks for your concern about our remnant native species Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum) and we take your question seriously from two perspectives. The first is we are aware of the implications of using any tree for any tree climbing event -- it should always be a first consideration. Secondly, you would have seen from previous posts of the effort our arborists and ecologists have given to ensure that no harm is caused to either Flora or Fauna for this event. The tree health and preservation is at the foremost of our planning for this event.

As for the species in question, this tree may look like a soft, thin-barked tree, but in reality it is not and once you study and know this species you will understand its resilience. Just some history on this species and area of Australia: Although now protected, the River Red Gum trees in this region of Australia until around 2000 were heavily logged and used for railway line sleepers across our country and the leftover sections of wood were used for landscaping and firewood. Today, this species is protected under our Native Vegetation Act, so these trees would not be cut down for such activities.

The tree you have viewed in the video clip is only one of three trees to be used over the competition; we have only shown you the Finals tree. Because the trees being used, this ensures the usage of each tree under 50 climbs on a circuit route. The time or amount of times this event has the climber actually making contact with the tree is far less than any other type of tree climbing event with high number of competitors. In other tree climbing format events, we at times see around 60-70 competitors who climb the same tree on the exact same route. In some cases, the same tree is used for two different events over a couple of days resulting in an excessive amount of confined activity to that tree than the frequency we will be imposing on any of the 3 trees we are using for this free style event format.

Check this out! Some fantastic drone footage of one of the Red Bull Branched Out competition trees for the Friday Preliminary Rounds & SRT Head to Head night event under lights, as well as the Saturday Finals tree in Balranald, New South Wales, Australia, which is situation on the banks of the majestic Murrumbidgee River.

Registrations close on 29th September so if you're thinking of competing, be sure to get in quick! https://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/red-bull-branched-out

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