QuickJet Air tool belt

With EAB injection season upon us, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a wearable, Batman-style tool belt/holster for Arborjet's QuickJet Air. The tool bag it comes with is OK, but I've found it a little cumbersome to move around trees while injecting, especially if there are under plantings. Arborjet's CO2 powered Viper has (had?) a belt that held the tank and injector, so that's the vein I'm thinking. I've tried a carpenter's belt, but the pockets weren't deep enough to hold the air tank securely.
I'll put that on the list of winter projects. Yeah, too hot this week for good uptake. Next week will be go-time when it's back in the 70s.


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Look at a paintball tank holder. I have no experience except seeing one used one time when i first started but it looked very similar. Or a surplus store may help you build a batman belt


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Might have to DIY that one dude. Uptake has been slow this week so I've been using the IVs
You guys have 3/4 leaf out already? Our ash are slowwww to leaf out this year.
I wait till mid June to start injecting. Always too slow with the uptake before that.


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Yeah we're there, pretty early spring for us though I have seen some white ash taking their sweet ass time leafing out.

Got a bunch of rain last night so monday should be good for injecting.