Quaking Aspen black leaves with pics


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This Quaking Aspen is only 4-5 years old and as you can see from the picture it's 15 or so feet high. Does this mean it's getting to much water or not enough water or is it black leaf spot.. If so what can I do to rectify the situation or prevent if from happening further.. As I have 2 other Aspen 5-6 feet away that are fine so far. I live in northern Utah if it matters.

Also, I should mention the problem is throughout the entire tree.

thanks for all your help



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Marginal necrosis/scorch can be caused by a few things but I would guess water stress at some point. Given the location we could speculate on salt affected soil as well. This would cause water loss as well as being directly plant toxic.

Soft wooded tree that could use a little pruning to develop and maintain a central leader as well.