Pull ups

I agree with mixing it up with weights. Funny though, I didn't buy the vest. I wear a backpack and stuff it with weights and pyramid. The funny part is I don't skimp on spending money for things that I will use, but this isn't one?

I did 43 pull ups the week of my 43rd b day and video taped it. It was a bet at work. Can't say they all looked pretty but my chin went above the bar for sure .
Any of you guys remember when Teufelberger had a pull up comp at TCI Expo? That was my idea. Not everyone liked it but some guys did it everyday. At the end of day 2 Lars made me come by and try to beat the 2 day winner. He told me the guy did like 30 pull ups. I did 2 more just to try to win and then he said that the other guy could have another go to try to top me and did 1 more than that. It was good stuff, but I smacked Lars for not telling me that he could go again :cool:


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Haha good one! The bad thing is that i may not fit trough tight crothes in trees cause my shoulders get to wide.
Haha funny Andrus and, hello all. I just started to do some pull ups as well...I'm taking a "not too much pain" approach right now. About a week ago I started with whatever was easy to do and I've worked my way up to 9 today. Whoever mentioned form, good call, thanks for bringing it up. To go along with that, form, the fellow that mentioned the tendon damage, Chris_girard very interesting, never would I have thought. I don't an official diagnosis but, I'm definitely having some chronic problems with the tendon that is in the funny bone area. If anyone has advice concerning that I would lice to hear it.


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The infamous elbow pain... Tragic,stop one handing the 020 so far out from your body for like a week,usually helps me. I put the pull ups aside and pick different ways to get my curl sets out of the way in a manner that doesn't piss off my elbow inflammation,i still do shoulders and back but just not so much pull-ups,and im talkin the real chin up version.it's in the same spot too,really flares up when a pruning cut comes off hard and smack it on the tree some how....


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Box jump pull ups.. they may look silly but activate more of you're fast twitch muscles and do a # on you're cardio. that was a good training tool back in the motocross days, but basically always keep the body guessing by mixing it up and don't fall into any routine for too long.
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