PTCA in Balboa Park, San Diego,Ca.

Aug. 18-19, I never miss them, 13 ceu's is one of the reasons I go. I go for the seminar to get informed on the first day and then on Saturday is the field day and we bring the crews.
Last year we expected an interesting day, but to me is was one of the most boring I have ever been to.
A lot of guys showed up probably to see and get inf from a speaker, Chad, I wont say his last name because it was not entirely his fault, but it was so boring that I have guys that do not want to go this year because of last year. We pay for them to go and still,
Anyway, Mark Chisholm will be there both days, so looks like me and my guys are gonna go because of that.
No pressure on Mark,,,haha,,should be good.