Popped a toe like a grape (Simi graphic?)


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I used composite in the winter but then saw the youtube post showing how well a chainsaw cuts through them. It's never been cold enough for me to worry about the steel toe.


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You can cut through your boot over the remaining 90%, easier than cutting wood.

Toes seem most in danger with compromised work positioning, which is often mitigatable.

Maybe I'm weird...definitely, I'm weird, I climb trees...but anyway, cutting myself with a chainsaw, especially my toes is low on my list of concerns of ways of hurting myself in tree work.


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I self-lower everything that I can, mostly light riggging. Over time, I have found it safer and easier. I don't find the climbing/ rigging/ cutting to be very challenging most of the time, so I have bandwidth to focus on the rigging, too.

A less complicated day for a groundie can add up to more work done.

Reg said not to trust your life to other people. I have remembered that for years, now.

There are times were you work with a competent, professional, skilled ground workers, and mostly laborer groundies, who oftentimes are plain labor for a reason.