Popped a toe like a grape (Simi graphic?)


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IMG_0394.JPG IMG_0396.JPG IMG_0398.JPG So last week I had a little oopsy. Starting to re think steel toe boots. I have been of the mind set that I rather have a broke toe than a severed one of the steel collapsed. Also I haven't found a pair that fit my feet right.

Well looks like I am getting that unscheduled vacation I've been wanting to schedule. Smashed the shit out of my foot with a 4' x 14" diameter dogwood log. Last cut just a few feet off the ground. The stick was leaning over a concrete walkway so I had a tag line in it. The tree had a slight lean so I wanted to stay on the uphill side. The log came down with more rotation than expected and the butt smashed my toes against the stump. Three toes all kinds of purple. Just three stitches on the bend line under the first joint. X-ray shows the very tip is some what shattered. The doc just printed a poor quality paper copy of the X-ray, and kept referring to "All those little pieces" and used the term "fragments"

I still need to get some "light duty" work taken care of. As my second child is due the first week of October. I was intending on busting out a bunch of jobs and taking some time before and after the due date. Can anyone recommend a shoe or light boot with a roomy toe box?


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I would be concerned with letting it breathe so it will not get worse infected?


I wear the 804-4210 during my day time construction job, & my Mendil AirStreams when I climb.

The Thorogoods I wear have the same Toe, & are super Roomy.

I personally think Safety toed boots are a Benefit.

I would think a non-Insulated, Non-Waterproof would be a better choice so your feet don't get too hot & Sweat.


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Maybe get a pair of cheap work boots way oversized . Used or whatever just for the left boot.
I've never done it but it might work.
Or cut the toe off a pair you have and McGyver a toe cap outa something hard plastic.
Try wool batting as padding.
Just ideas. Hope you heal up fast.


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Glorious huh? How about only being 2' off the ground, damn big dogwood though.. 20" above the flare, with radical taper. Heavy wood!!
Seems like I read these exact conversations in rookie mistake a couple weeks back! Mine was a finger.

Myrtles can be heavy when they get big as well.

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Aww, shucks guys... Still have quite a bit of bruising, the swelling has gone down considerably, and the pain has eased to the point the stitches are annoying me. My 9 year old stepped on it while I was in sandals yesterday, made me whimper for sure! It's healing enough I'm confident that I won't have any long term issues. In the short term I am starting to get the crazies...


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Ouch! I'm wearing the Scafell lite. At first they felt a bit like a skiboot but overall they fit fine. I've always worn steeltoe, from my days as a laborer, framing carpenter and on to tree work. Never had a problem with fit and comfort. Try them on and be super finicky about the fit. Don't go cheap that's where you'll find the most grief with any boot.

Heal up soon and watch for the wonky nerves and weather reporting.


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Steel toes prevent chainsaw cuts to toes, and smashed toes. Anything that will collapse a steel toe boot will collapse your foot. I wear Keen boots with composite safety toes for ground work and some climbing. Wescos for spur work.

I beat the snot out of boots, so they get replaced twice a year.