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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by simplyarbor, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    So, I have done in depth searching and cannot seem to find the information I need. I was hoping someone here can direct me... I am taking the ISA certification test in a few days and cannot seem to find the tree id species list for the PNW. I have found a list of both the interior and coastal, but am not sure if the test covers both or if it is region specific. I am taking the test in three days, so any help is appreciated. Im not too worried, as I recently completed my forestry degree, but just want to brush up on specifics and focus on their list. Thanks!!
  2. southsoundtree

    southsoundtree Active Member

    Two years ago, it was 82 species from inland and coastal for everyone in the room. I can't say if it has changed or not. The format changed since I took it.

    Best of luck, and congrats on your degree!
  3. Tr33Climb3r

    Tr33Climb3r Active Member

    Good Luck let us know how you do
  4. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    thanks southsound! i figured it was a combination of the two... there are 200 trees on the two lists, but many repeats between the lists. thank you, was about a year and a half ago i finished. psyched to finally be taking the certification test, regardless, studying and staying on track is proving difficult... [​IMG]

    thank you casey, i will keep this updated!
  5. BostonBull

    BostonBull New Member

    You will pass no problem, its multiple choice. Watch the Latin spelling/capitalization
  6. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    thanks boston, pretty confident with the mutiple choice, thats a nice bonus for sure [​IMG] im a maniac about tests, so wanna have this thing locked down!
  7. cerviarborist

    cerviarborist Active Member

    Best wishes Simply! Nail that test!
  8. PrimeApe

    PrimeApe New Member

    No need to study species lists anymore. All ID questions are based on taxonomy now. Best of luck.
  9. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    As per primeape's response I called the ISA and got some more information on the test. They have officially done away with the species id list and that part of the test now focuses on taxonomy and how to id plants in general rather than specific (genus,specific epithet) id. I was told the change has been made, since its an international test, to keep testing results and statistics more uniform throughout. Since every region had a different plant list, i suppose it makes sense.

    However, I liked the fact that the test used to require specific plant knowledge of the region. By changing to a simple taxonomic portion, this doesn't actually require an arborist to know any plants, just how to id them...
  10. Northwind

    Northwind Member

    Interesting that they have done away with specific ID.

    Just in case your test is a "throwback" of some sort, and I have noticed that the ISA seemed to roll out other exam changes on a region by region basis, you may find attached the PNW tree list, sorted by Botanical name.

    Just in case.

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  11. PrimeApe

    PrimeApe New Member

    Point taken, but remember that an ISA Certified Arborist in the PNW is a CA in all the world. So being able to use a key and Identify based solely on taxonomy is a great skill to possess.
  12. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    Awesome northwind, thank you! May as well brush up anyway, never hurts to keep current and avoid unpleasant testing surprises.

    I agree with you on that, primeape. Since the CA exam is to provide a basis of knowledge and to encourage growth and learning in the industry, taxonomic skills are valuable for any area of the world. I would tend to think that if someone shows interest in getting their CA, that an interest/knowledge in local/regional species would be something that is already being developed or known.
  13. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    ISA Certified Arborist!! [​IMG]
  14. southsoundtree

    southsoundtree Active Member

    Sweet! Congrats!
  15. Starlet

    Starlet New Member

    congratulations!!!! doesn't it feel sweeet
  16. simplyarbor

    simplyarbor Member

    very stoked for sure! Thanks for the comments and help all. Just another step in the long path to becoming a legitimate climbing arborist...
  17. mdvaden

    mdvaden Active Member

    Most of the list should be local stuff.

    But I recall a couple like Hackberry or something added when I took the test some years ago. Ones I've never encountered out here so far.

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