Please help me identify this Tree


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I just purchased a new home and am having trouble identifying this tree out by the back deck. I thought it was a Magnolia until it just recently started to flower (small white clusters). I've tried the tree identifier websites, but it never brings back the right tree. I live in SC, but I don't think this tree is a native here. I've uploaded 3 pictures to the media file. 20161017-172259,172200, and 172129.
20161017_172129.jpg 20161017_172200.jpg 20161017_172259.jpg
Thanks for any help!


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Eriobotrya japonica - Loquat. They are all over the place in the SF bay area. Some are planted orchard varieties that make really good fruit, lots are volunteers. Orange fruit, pretty tasty with a big seed or three. Ripe out here in May. Enjoy - they have a nice orange bark.