Pictures of your chipper truck, lets see them!


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Thanks. I picked it up for $3500 USD. 1990. 70K miles on the dial. $600 for a new radiator installed (cheap). $100 USD for a battery. A little white spray paint here and there. Lettering was probably $600 USD at a local sign shop ($1000 for chipper, pick-up truck, and chip truck lettering, including layout work. Probably would have been cheaper at a chain sign shop.)

You can/ have to step up into it. You pretty much need to use the pull handle mounted inside from the street level. I was trying to figure a little weld-on, fold-down step that would close up into the stairway when the door is closed.

Its an ex-Asplundh line clearance truck. They run this ManCab (sounds funny but it is what it is called) crew carrier (6 seatbelts) with a truck with the insulated bucket/ chipbox and a chipper for their crews mostly.

The man-cab is good if you have a large crew, but otherwise it serves as a good gear locker. There is a bench with storage within, a bucket/ water cooler bracket, a rear heater, and even a storage compartment within the interior step (flip open top where I keep a set of chocks, and few odds and ends).

The step-in height and door width make it not as functional as one would like, but you can hang and dry ropes in there if your heater works (wouldn't that be nice, maybe I'll get around to tinkering with it, after a few other things, like the heated mirrors getting spliced up). A larger box with open-all-the-way-through to both sides set-up can be nicer for a lot of things. There is a chainsaw compartment on the driver's side where I can fit 4-6 saws. Its open across the top of the compartment for long handled tools. Gas/ fluids compartment next to the crew door.

What is really nice is that the mancab and front tool boxes (not the ladder/ polesaw compartment at the rear) have steel bars that slide in place across the doors when the chip body is partially raised, preventing someone from just prying the doors open. A bar across the windows of the man cab would prevent someone from crawling in there, but maybe they are intended as an emergency exit.


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By the way. I'm up in the top of that redwood. It was tri-topped until a 60 mph windstorm took out two tops, and split the trunk. I removed the third and bolted the top together. I wasn't "topping" the tree for no reason. The third would most likely have snapped the next day when the wind picked up, again.

The tops amazingly made it to the ground without damaging wires, branches, carport, or house, all landing in the yard, not even blocking the sidewalk or driveway.
AHHHH I love you Cameron, You really do have nice stuff.

The reason I like you so much, is the fact, you have such nice stuff, proves you have a small wee wee.!